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Saddleback Rider Training has been serving the Orange County area since 2005.  Our owner, Lyle Sweeter, has been involved in the motorcycle industry since his earliest days. He has been in sales, service, racing and training on motorcycles most of his life.  This is truly a passion for him. 

The management team has been teaching the state program for no less than 10 years.  They have a wide range of experience in the industry from sales to racing to years as a motor officer here in Orange County.

Over the years we have molded our company to meet the needs of current and prospective riders from Los Angeles to San Diego including members of every branch of the US military.  We offer a variety of schedules to fit most people's busy week

Our two-day schedule features the ease of completing the course on one Saturday and one Sunday without any weeknight classes.  The classroom is done in the morning and the riding is in the afternoon.  Clients have said they really appreciate this schedule.

The three-day schedule offers a more relaxed choice.  Training begins on a Thursday evening with a classroom and introduction to riding.  Saturday will start with a morning riding session and finish the classroom in the afternoon.  Then finish with a riding session on Sunday morning.  

All of our instructors are state and nationally certified and have at least one year of teaching experience.  One of our best assets, the instructors pride themselves on offering you a safe environment to learn a new skill or polish up as a refresher.

We look forward to serving you.

WOW!! That is an understatement this class is awesome! If your a bit skeptical at all pull the trigger...

AC via Yelp

Thank you for the instructors at SRT.  I'm been riding for over 30 years, but there were lessons taught in the class that were very valuable... John made the classroom informative and fun, the riding staff were great.

TR via Yelp

...I took your class a year ago.  Just wanted to let you know that it saved my life tonight.  A lady pulled right out in front of me while I was doing 45, I was able to brake and maneuver out of the way missing the front of the car by inches.  It all goes back to your training.  Thank you.

JB via Facebook

...I took the class a couple of weeks ago. Today was my 3rd day riding on the freeways... A car swerved from the #1 lane straight across the lanes and crashed  into the medium right in front of me. I remembered the words they put into my head (and skills they taught me). I slowed as quickly as possible without locking up the brakes, then swerved to avoid the car and then braked again after the swerve. I stopped, made sure the driver was okay, and called 911.

SC via SRT Website

...Professional staff with lots of good instructive feedback! ...Good for new and past riders! Also for people wanting to gain more knowledge...

LH via Yelp

...Highly recommend this to anyone seeking to get a motorcycle license. Thank you.

JM via Yelp

Great class with great instructors! ... The instructors really made this course fun and enjoyable. Thanks

AM via Yelp

Best motorcycle course and instructors ever! Learned quickly, need to practice more but had fun and thank god the instructors are so patient!

HK via Facebook

I highly recommend this class! Instructors make it knowledgeable and they keep you excited and hungry to just PRACTICE ... Thank you for a first driver experience that I will never forget!

PH via Facebook