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At Saddleback Rider Training we take great pride in providing a quality motorcycle training program designed to save lives.  Whether you live in Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, or anywhere in California, we can provide you with an exceptional learning experience.  Our focus on customer experience is designed to ensure the time you invest with us is both pleasant and rewarding. Click here to Enroll!

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle?  Join us at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo California for a professional and rewarding class experience. We are a motorcycle training site offering the basic riding course, the California Motorcyclist Safety Program - Motorcycle Training Course (CMSP-MTC). 

The MTC teaches you to operate a motorcycle safely, with emphasis on the special skills and mental attitudes to deal with riding in traffic before you get your motorcycle license.

After successfully completing the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion of Motorcycle Training (DL389) by mail. This certificate waives the practical (on-bike) portion of the test required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a motorcycle license or endorsement in the State of California.

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Why Saddleback Rider Training?

California Motorcyclist Safety Program - 

Motorcycle Training Course

What should I expect from the basic motorcycle class?

You can complete the entire CMSP - MTC safety course in a single weekend at Saddleback Rider Training.  We offer convenient 2 and 3-day schedules.

There will be ten hours of on-bike motorcycle training where you will learn basic motorcycle control and operation. Saddleback Rider Training provides school motorcycles. You may use one of our helmets if you don't have your own. You will need to come prepared to ride with eye protection, long sleeves, gloves, long pants, and sturdy footwear that covers the ankle.

You will also receive 6 hours of classroom training. Saddleback Rider Training provides participant guides in the form of an e-Book and a note-taking guide for you to use in class. You will learn to develop a strategy which will help you to deal with the many challenges of riding on the streets of Orange County or Los Angeles.